Araguaia has developed the best nutritional solution for vegetables and fruit crops: the exclusive HORTIMAX product line.

HORTIMAX product line is a special line of fertilizers for the production of vegetables and fruits, capable of providing the essential elements in a complete and balanced way.

Developed from field tests and composed of selected raw materials, the HORTIMAX product line is packed in 25 kg plastic bags, favoring the field distribution work. The packaging contains the use recommendations for different types of crops according to agronomic recommendations and based on soils already corrected with calcium and magnesium.

The proper use of Hortimax combined with the best cultivation techniques allows the vegetables and fruit farmer to obtain well-developed, resistant plants with high productivity and excellent quality of the harvested products.

Since 1996 this product is prominent in the field, providing significant gains for vegetable and fruit farmers in terms of quality and productivity.

The exceptional results obtained with the use of the HORTIMAX line grant that fertilizer a prominent position in the vegetable and fruit market, mainly for tomato and citrus crops, where remarkable productivities are obtained each year.

HORTIMAX has shown good results in the implementation and maintenance of landscape projects, proving to be an excellent alternative for this type of crop.

Hortimax Plantation and Hortimax Coverage:

The maximum for Vegetable and Fruit Culture.