Integrated solutions

In the past, the farmer used to be intensely engaged with the production process, leaving aside other important areas of his rural enterprise, such as trade and strategic planning. This profile has changed over the recent years, pressing him to adapt to the new reality.

Modern agriculture is increasingly competitive and technologically based, supported by a set of products and services that provide the farmer with an array of options to shape various types and sizes of business and production systems.

To overcome the current management challenges and make the most of those options, allowing him to dedicate greater efforts to other areas of his enterprise, the producer has been increasingly seeking for integrated solutions.

An integrated solution can be found both in a set of synergistically selected products and in the convenience of finding in one place all the products required on the farm.

In this context, Araguaia seeks to bring the producer with different integrated solutions for different business platforms, resulting in increased productivity with carefully selected items, as well as a gain in convenience by finding the best brands of farming products in one single place.