Profitability in the field

The world’s population is growing and the farming sector is largely responsible for sustaining this growth. Therefore, the use of new technologies has been an essential factor to harvest more per unit of cultivated area.

The modernization of techniques and products has generated increased productivity in the field, which increases food security in cities, besides reducing inflationary pressures on food, bringing benefits to the entire population.

Contrary from the common sense, innovation has not replaced man in rural areas but has increased his scientific, analytical, managerial and operational importance in order to produce, choose, analyze and use the new possibilities in a sustainable way, producing more and with better financial outcome.

In view of this new scenario, Araguaia has sought to be in a position of assistance to the producer, through technical assistance and comprehensive portfolio, in partnership with the best suppliers in the market, and to make the most of the existing technology, with a strategic positioning of inputs carried out by highly skilled technicians, resulting in productivity associated with profitability in business.