Colha Mais


The Colha Mais program is the best option for the Farmer to produce is a more reliable, efficient and profitable manner.  Its gains have been observed, in the recent harvests, with excellent results in the areas where it has been applied.

The program encompasses a set of structured actions enabling identifying the potential and limits of the productive areas. The diagnosis orients the use of resources and technologies allowing the exploration of the best potential of the crops.

The program includes:

1) Effective and high-quality technical assistance
2) Comprehensive solution in high technology and efficiency inputs
3) Special agronomic services
4) Mapping of soil fertility
5) Mapping of soil nematodes
6) Tissue analysis
7) Evaluation of crop losses

The Program is available for Soy and Corn Crops, and each year Araguaia Research and Development area implements new advances, ensuring constant evolution.