Products and formulations

We offer a complete line of fertilizers to the market, produced from selected raw material and of a high quality standard.

Our marketing is focused on meeting the specific nutrient needs of each crop, soil situation and applied technology.

The developed experience together with the evolution of production systems allows the company to produce the most varied types of NPK formulations, always with a higher quality standard. According to the required need, we combine all the necessary nutrients in the right measure, obtaining formulations that perfectly nourish the crops.


Special fertilizer with micronutrients in grain

In this line of differentiated products, the micronutrient is incorporated to the fertilizer through polymers, providing the following advantages:

  • Distribution of the micronutrient across the whole mass of the fertilizer, allowing for distribution in larger area of soil and, therefore, greater contact with the roots of the crops;
  • Elimination of micronutrient segregation in the form of a mixture of granules;
  • Greater efficiency due to its ultrafine form and greater contact with soil and roots.

Protected Urea
In order to reduce losses through volatilization and leaching, we present the Protected Urea, a product made with a chemical solution that incorporates the NBPT molecule. Through the actions of competitive and non-competitive reversible inhibition on volatilization we extend the availability of Nitrogen generating greater efficiency in the use of the fertilizer.